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2021 Chicago Half Marathon
2021 Chicago Half Marathon
2019 Chicago Half Marathon
2019 Byline Bank Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10K
2017 Chicago Half Marathon
2017 Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10K

I always enjoy volunteering in Chicago. It is great to see people from all walks of life there for the same thing. The only issue was a lack of race guards for the slower runners. As a back of Pack Pacer we often come across runners struggling and try to help them the best we can, but if they fall behind us and our 16 min pace we don't know what happened to them.

Gave 6.50 hours on 05/21/2017 with Life Time Events - All Events
2016 Chicago Half Marathon

It always amazes me that while I am encouraging complete strangers along the course, I end up encouraged along the way. More races need to have opportunities like this. So many runners needed our support today.

Gave 6.50 hours on 09/25/2016
2016 Michelob ULTRA Chicago Spring 13.1 & 10K
2015 Chicago Half Marathon
2015 Michelob ULTRA Chicago Spring 13.1 & 10K