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Shift NameBack of the Pack Crew
This position is a fun and cheerful volunteer opportunity that offers direct interaction with the athletes. The Back of the Pack's first role is to assist the Life Time Staff with organizing the athletes at the start and managing the Pre-Race Water Station. Your focus should be on helping athletes get in the correct corrals, offer encouragement and help with releasing the athletes onto the race course with direction from the staff. Once all the athletes are on the course, and with the permission of our Life Time staff, you will enter the race course. The Back of the Pack group needs to stay on pace and act as a "wall" on course. You are asked to NOT run ahead of the group.

Here are a few items to remember:
  1. This position is not a free entry into the race. It is a volunteer opportunity and your finishing time should reflect the Back of the Pack Crew.
  2. You will receive a bib on race morning from the volunteer tent that is NOT chipped, so you will not receive an official race time.
  3. You are required to wear your volunteer shirt. Tutus, fancy socks, fun hats and bright sunglasses are highly encouraged!
  4. If there are extra medals, you can take one at the end of the race but all athletes must be off the course before receiving a medal.
  5. Back of the Packers do not qualify for any challenge medals.
  6. If the Life Time Athlete Services team is not busy and there are extra athlete shirts, you can retrieve one AFTER the race at the results tent. Their first priority is to assist the athletes with their results.
Check-in at the Main Volunteer Tent.
Registrations10 out of 10
Date & TimeSun, May 22, 2022 5:00am - 11:30am
337 East Randolph Street
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Maggie Daley Park

Location: 337 East Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois 60601
Maggie Daley Park


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