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Life Time Fitness - Florida

Lounis Douadi

Lounis @ Life Time Fitness - New York

1 pure greeting and after,
You start my best times
Volunteer Message noble and sublime, Discovery event Export my image Psychological comfort Physical acquaintance, experience, social, time use, skills, tourism, honest competition, premeditation do good ....
I can work anywhere, everything is easy. Will, determination, desire, perseverance, sincerity, teamwork for task success is the prerequisite and success of the task.
Volunteers are doing different things, inventing different ways and amenities for all sports delegations, spectators and personalities
- Providing various services, social, economic and cultural

I want you to volunteer and work in a place where you want and as needed, because advance planning in the workplace booking can change according to the time needed, and the circumstances surrounding the event.

Provide all work /
Active, dynamic, distant or close targets, responsibility, speed and accuracy in reaching the target quickly
Teamwork, respectful smile, sincerity and listening.
Strictness, tolerance, pardon, smile, teamwork (non-marginalization), time, a comprehensive plan for work or project, work to reduce costs and expenses, seriousness, intelligence, caution and caution, availability of security, work to reduce negativity.
Work with all the individual abilities to reach the desired goals.
The condition of successful volunteer work abroad /
The above conditions must be met in order for voluntary work to succeed at home or abroad, particularly in international competitions where all international delegations are.
Work in Rio 2016:
In Rio Brazil, the 2016 Olympic Park volunteers worked in the organization, management, management, leadership, hospitality, reception, press and the Lambian swimming pool and at the opening and closing ceremonies in Marcana. 4 certificates were awarded by the ICRC and the Brazilian Olympic Committee

The experience was very successful, we were in various stadiums, gymnasiums, swimming pool, reception, with journalists and also worked in the closing ceremony in the marcana organization.
Atmosphere in June 2016:
It was a very good experience in Rio 2016, the beautiful atmosphere made by the Brazilians in their own way, samba, joy, music and the big audience (I have photos and activities videos, competition rooms, Olympic Park, Olympic swimming pool, samba dancing, entertainment, marcana opening ceremony, Many places of activities.

As witnessed by Rio 2016:
Satisfaction with all present. Athletes and other arrivals from all countries of the world
In the park, in various sports and non-sports venues, and in Rio in general
We provided full aid, and all the volunteers did.

Motivation for action at this session:
Give me what I have and provide adequate support in my experience in Rio 2016 and deliver it
In return, gain skills and techniques from participating in this competition
Frequent Posts Earn:
Experience, Experience, Dealing, Hospitality, Good Management, Psychological Comfort, Hiking, Management, Ideal Service
In order to work in the future, a sports career in major events, the World Cup, the Olympic Games and many sports and sports events around the world
Experience this sport for the first time and know the characteristics of these competitions of this type of sports
Pay more attention to these special competitions
Obtain adequate support from the Regulatory Authority
Take advantage of time in this configuration experience
Access to sports, economic, social, and cultural privileges that I did not intend to obtain, I may find in you
Getting these multiple and multiple degrees of experience earns great experience and future work, in major international competitions
Honor and give a good picture in the Cup of this session, for the fun of the Games and volunteers.
Provide the possible addition that I have
Projects programmed and ambitious:
* I have a lot of projects to participate in international competitions competitions, World Cup Russia 2018, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, international competitions, Asia Cup, Africa, Europe, Cuba America, Cuba CONCACAF and other competitions.
I visited France 5 times Belgium 2, Brazil 2014 + 2016, Morocco and Tunisia Russia 2018
My Certificate:
1994: Bachelor independent candidate (in B-B-Arreridj)
1995: Bachelor independent candidate (in Algiers)
1995: Driving license
1997: D-E-A-U Management
1999-until today: Management of summer camp tonic
1997- Microsoft Office Certificate
2008: Certificate of Computer tool Masters
2014: Certificate English level (IELTS 4pts)
2014: University Degree in management finance
2014: hotel experience (3years)
2016: Formation Camera T-V / Tunisie / Marse

How much I wish the team work, I will be at your best in all the tasks entrusted to me, because the foundation is the activity and the will allows the success of any work
Your success, success, success and you are striving for the success of this global wedding, more prosperity and appeal to FIFA and your big country.

Summary: Success is your companion

Gave 3.00 hours on 07/20/2019 with Life Time Fitness - All Events, Life Time Fitness - Florida
Roel Monces

Everything was great! Great job lifetime tri for the event looking forward for next event.

Gave 6.00 hours on 04/14/2019 with Life Time Fitness - All Events
Abdul Akkam
Lucy Foerster

We were given clear directions and felt like we were well taken care of as volunteers. Don was "The Man"!

Gave 5.75 hours on 04/14/2019 with Woody Foundation, Life Time Fitness - All Events
Pavel Zhukov
Michael Bell
Katrina Bumpers